October 2018


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I am excited to present My inaugural two- night journey at my favorite venue in Denver, CO, Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. This event will take place on Dec 7th & 8th. The theme of this doubleheader is Fate & Free Will. For a long time, I have lived by a philosophy that fate and free will exist simultaneously. Like a gyroscope, they are intrinsically connected, yet our minds cannot comprehend how they interplay. We are bound to our fate, yet have complete free will. Through this concept, I have found my lyrics and often this helps me understand song structure itself.

Fate is the unseen future that is already there, but not illuminated. In some ways, the concept of fate is harsh in its solidity, yet comforting in the knowledge that it is already written. Night one will feature a darker, heavier theme & flow from dusk to night with support from Denver locals Supersillyus & Blossomn.

Free will is the unformulated state of infinite possibility. All is illuminated and we are completely free to choose our path. In some ways it is soft in its openness, yet we must be trepidatious when stepping into the complete unknown. Night two will be lighter, more melodic and emotionally uplifting & thematically flow from dawn to day with Support from TOR & Blossomn.

I plan on having a lot of live instrumentation, vocals, and amazing guest performers both nights.

The artwork was custom made for this show by the incredible Marisa Aragón Ware. There are 2 posters that when put together form one complete masterpiece. She drew from creatures of the night and day and I feel as though she perfectly encapsulated the concept for these 2 nights. These will be available as prints at the show. This will be a one of a kind experience and we hope you will join us on the two-day journey.