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We are excited to announce the release of the film Visurreality.  Part concert movie and part documentary, this 1 hour film is a lens into the music and journeys of Random Rab.

 In 2012 electronic music producer RANDOM RAB released his fourth album, VISURREAL, and embarked upon a year-long tour that took him across three continents.

Enter the Dream.

Nomad Cinema presents…

Photographed, Edited and Directed by Charles Shaw
Produced by Random Rab & Charles Shaw
Titles, Effects & Color by Daniel Garcia
Additional photography by Galen Oakes, Syd Woodward, Russell Ward, Akira Chan, Zipporah Lomax, Brendan Jaffer-Thom, Mark Heley
Sound by Charles Shaw

Featuring live performances from Lightning in a Bottle- California, Symbiosis- California, Envision- Costa Rica, The Great Convergence- Egypt, Eclipse- Australia, and Desert Rocks- Utah

Also collaborative performances with Katie Gray, Cedar Miller, Ilya Goldberg, Anthony Ward, Nick Lynch, and many more….


Release - The new album from Random Rab

The new album by Random Rab has been announced for release this fall.


Check out this new music video for the song by Random Rab “The Plastic People” The title track to the upcoming movie, Exile Nation: The Plastic People

After 9/11 the US began mass deporting “non-citizens.” Current estimates: 4 to 6 million. These policies hit Latinos hardest, mostly Mexicans: 97% of those deported. Without Mexican family or citizenship, Mexicans raised in the US are disavowed by both nations. They struggle to survive in a hellish limbo along the border separated from everyone and everything they have ever known. Shot on location in Tijuana, this film follows the lives of three men stuck in an impossible situation: how they find meaning and purpose in a world where deportees live in cardboard shacks and sewer pipes in the middle of a Cartel war zone just twenty miles from San Diego.

Directed & edited by Charles Shaw & Daniel Garcia



Bicycle Day’s sold out show at 1015 Folsom, San Francisco was a massive explosion of awesome. Joined on stage by Alex Grey and Andrew Jones, Rab’s set was a visual and auditory journey into new territories.

Click HERE for a great review of the event and Rab’s set.

Here’s a previously unreleased free track from the compilation:


Random Rab releases a new song on the Resonant Heart compilation by Merkaba Music.


I’m excited to announce that I’m going on tour with Emancipator. This is one of the best pairings I could imagine. We’ll be posting more info soon, but here are the dates so far:

1/29 Norwalk, CT
1/30 Burlington, VT
1/31 Philadelphia, PA
2/01 New York, NY
2/02 Boston, MA
2/05 Richmond, VA
2/06 Charlotte, NC
2/07 Athens, GA
2/08 Atlanta, GA
2/10 Tallahassee, FL
2/12 Miami, FL
2/13 Jacksonville, FL
2/14 Birmingham, AL
2/15 Nashville, TN
2/16 Columbia, MO


After a lot of requests, the new single “Best Friend” by Random Rab is available for free download.

Click HERE to download… for free… enjoy!


Random Rab was recently featured in Reality Sandwich.  Check out the article HERE



Visurreal has debuted in the iTunes Top 10 electronic music charts and in the #1 position on college radio stations across the country.

CLICK HERE to get Visurreal and grab the free download of “I Alone.”

Read a review HERE and a great interview HERE




I’m barely here.  The dust on my skin is more of me than the reflection I see in the water.

Here’s some great shots from Daniel Zetterstrom from Burningman 2011 Sunrise at Abraxas.