Ophelias Two night Run Announce


GA – $30
Reserved Advance Seats – $35
Obstructed View – $20
Reserved DOS – $40

Tickets on Sale Wednesday October 23rd @ 11:00 AM MST.

After a successful debut of The Penumbra live band at Red Rocks, we are bringing the experience to Denver for another 2 night run at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. I couldn’t love this venue more, and I feel it’s the perfect place to share the musicianship of each band member.

The Penumbra is:
Ilya Goldberg on violin, and a multitude of other instruments
Colby Buckler on drums
Glenn Taylor on pedal steel
Me on vocals, guitar, and whatever other instruments I can fit in my van.

In the nature of keeping things random and weird, we are preparing a special themed experience unique to each night.

Night 1 (Friday – 12/13): Masquerade of Desire

Desire propels us to succeed, it guides us to our destiny, and challenges us to find our most potent expressions. It’s also such a sexy word, isn’t it? Come with your mask, or come with your masks removed. Let’s dress to the occasion and dance in the throws of desire.
I’ve been gifted the opportunity to produce new material twice this year in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, and look forward to unveiling the magic of this potent place on night 1.
We are very excited to have support on this night from the incredible music of Dillard.

Night 2 (Saturday – 12/14): Time Traveler’s Soirée

Let’s travel together through time and celebrate this life in the now. Come dressed to represent your favorite moment in time (maybe it’s a decade, maybe it’s a person, maybe it’s something really cool none of us have experienced yet because it’s…future). Let’s fly together through the continuum of the universal fabric that binds us to eternity.
We look forward to presenting a journey into my discography, classic tracks in a new light, and also diving into a few timeless songs never before performed in the Penumbra spirit.
We are honored to have support on this night from the amazing Living Light.

Both nights will have meet-&-greets. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Poster art from Rey Chris Surposa. (Thanks Rey!)

Let’s rock Denver!! I cannot wait.