Rab was recently interviewed by DJ Mag and discusses Envision Festival, sunrise sets, and strange creatures of the jungle.  Click here to read the DJ Mag interview


About a year ago I asked my fans to submit a small clip panning their faces to help me make a music video. I got wrapped up in touring, but finally had a chance to sit down and stitch it all together (along with a few clips I took of friends and folks on the road) with one of the songs from my last album, Nartha.  I chose this song because somehow it makes me think about all the amazing people who come to my shows and have made an impact on me.
I received clips from all walks of life and from all over the world.  Spending some time editing this made me realize how much I appreciate the beauty of each individual, as we are truly one species. One family.  One gathering of souls gifted with this precious time together in this time on earth.

This video is pretty raw and by its nature, I don’t claim to see it as something really polished.  It’s really just my homage to you.  I know it sounds corny, but I love you.  I just can’t help it.
Thank you to everyone who contributed and thank you to anyone who just gets the often-repeated truth: we are one.


This is the first piece in my new “Reality Artifact” series. Each piece in the series is a combination of original music and hand crafted visuals. The concept of Reality Artifact is to create visuals that feel like music and are in touch with natural forces.

This first work is called Soul Slinger and it features some beautiful string melodies from the amazing Cello Joe. I created these visuals with ink, water, and paper. Aside from slow motion and mirror effects, there are no computer generated graphics in this piece. Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel to catch more Reality Artifacts as they are released.

Watch it HERE


Random Rab Fall Tour 2016


Fall Tour dates have been announced.  Check HERE for all the ticket links which should all be live by Monday 9/12

Every town and venue was carefully selected to enhance the sonic and community experience that works best with the new music and production I have been working on. For me, this is like coming home and I am so excited to see all of you on the dance floor and beyond.

9/15 Denver, CO at The Bluebird Theater
9/16 Bellvue Colorado at the Mishawaka Amphitheater
9/17 Central City, CO at the Scarlet
9/24 Oakdale California at Symbiosis Festival
10/14 Kansas City, MO at the Encore at Uptown Theater
10/15 Darlington, MD at Luna Light Festival
10/28 Los Angeles, CA at the Belasco Theater
10/31 Eugene, OR Halloween at HiFi Music Hall
11/3 Seattle, WA at Nectar Lounge
11/4 Bellingham, WA at the Wild Buffalo
11/5 Portland, OR at the Star Theater
11/10 Arcata, CA at Jambalya
11/11 Sebastopol, CA at Hop Monk Tavern
11/12 Nevada City, CA at Odd Fellows Hall
11/18 Winter Garden, FL at Zen Awakening Festival
11/19 Austin, TX at The Empire (Garage)
12/1 San Francisco, CA at Great Northern
12/2 Santa Cruz at Don Quixote’s
12/3 Santa Barbara, CA at Soho Music Club
12/8 San Diego at The Music Box
12/9 Phoenix, AZ at Last Exit
12/10 Taos, NM at Taos Mesa Brewing

*Denver at The Bluebird Theater is a unique one-off featuring custom video content and I will also be performing with Lapa (Ilya of Emancipator). I have spent some time creating my own media content for this show in collaboration with Boris Karpman of Illuminated Dimensions. I’ll also be debuting some new music videos created by myself and Abandon Building. This show will be a special experiment. Hope you can make it!


Shakti Yoga Journal

Random Rab did an extensive interview for Shakti Yogi Journal.  Check him out on the cover of this summer’s issue with Debbie Rosas.  You can get a copy HERE


Random Rab featured on Thump by Vice.  A conversation with David Garber about sunrise sets and Costa Rica’s Envision Festival.  Check out the article.

Thump Article on Random Rab