Random Rab Releases Video for Plastic People


Check out this new music video for the song by Random Rab “The Plastic People” The title track to the upcoming movie, Exile Nation: The Plastic People

After 9/11 the US began mass deporting “non-citizens.” Current estimates: 4 to 6 million. These policies hit Latinos hardest, mostly Mexicans: 97% of those deported. Without Mexican family or citizenship, Mexicans raised in the US are disavowed by both nations. They struggle to survive in a hellish limbo along the border separated from everyone and everything they have ever known. Shot on location in Tijuana, this film follows the lives of three men stuck in an impossible situation: how they find meaning and purpose in a world where deportees live in cardboard shacks and sewer pipes in the middle of a Cartel war zone just twenty miles from San Diego.

Directed & edited by Charles Shaw & Daniel Garcia