It’s the full moon. Gorgeous light tonight. I’m excited to be able to share my newest track with all of you. My friend Neil Bender loaned me his amazing handpan and I spent some time alone in the mountains working out this melody by the fire. You can hear my lovely Michele’s voice subtly singing the title of the song intermixed with alien communications. The violin part is a sweeping layered movement created by the one and only Lapa Listen on your favorite platform. Art by Android Jones.

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As a performer and producer, I typically make almost all of my money from playing shows. Due to the current pandemic, all tours and shows have been indefinitely canceled. I never thought I would be in this position, but as a father I am somewhat anxious about being able to support my family and continue to make a living off of my music. Please consider donating as a way to help us through this trying time. Every dollar is deeply appreciated and will help ensure I can survive and thrive as an artist. Thank you so much! Rab

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